Cisco Live EMEA 2017 - What to Expect

Today I am lucky enough to be going travelling to Berlin, Germany with one of my colleagues; we'll be attending Cisco's annual conference Cisco Live EMEA. As many of you will likely know Cisco Live is the go to event for network engineering folks the world over, with classes, seminars and presentations from all manner of people across all kinds of topics.

Having not been to Cisco Live before I have tried to plan to focus my visit on subjects which are most important in our organisation at present. I can't however help but notice that there is a significant focus towards Cisco ACI, Automation, Application API Programmability, 'Zero-touch', etc. Almost all of these sessions are completely full, which demonstrates a very clear interest in the industry towards this area, something I look forward to hearing and seeing more of during the trip.

During the conference I have scheduled to attend the below sessions and plan on writing about them after and possibly even tweeting live!

  • Be my guest! - Design and Deploy Wireless Guest Access that Works [BRKEWN-2014]
  • WiFi Considerations for the Open Workspace [PSOEWN-2000]
  • Simplify Application and Infrastructure Deployments Using F5 BIG-IP and Cisco Nexus [BRKPLT-2300]
  • Nexus 9000/7000/6000/5000 Operations and Maintenance Best Practices [BRKDCT-2458]
  • Securely Designing Your Wireless LAN for Threat Mitigation, Policy and BYOD [BRKEWN-2005]
  • Ethernet Evolving - Ethernet at New Speeds, Deterministic Networking, and Power over Everything! [BRKCRS-3900]
  • Cisco Catalyst 3850 and 3650 Series Switching Architecture [BRKARC-3438]
  • Intermediate - Enterprise IPv6 Deployment [BRKRST-2301]

Particularly looking forward to the Nexus Maintenance Best Practices and WiFi sessions; both of these solutions are being adopted and depended upon more and more in our Enterprise.