I see myself as the type of person who lives life to the full; not the 'get-drunk-and-party-all-the-time' type of full, but full enough so that if it were to be game over tomorrow I would be fairly accepting with what I've managed to squeeze in. While that's all good and well, there's a few more things I'd like to try and do before that comes around. Below you'll find my list of things I want to do, each of which I assure you has been well thought through, some of which are easier than others!

Of course the list is just the ground work, of course real happiness is doing all of these things with the people I love and the friends I meet along the way. So far I've achieved that with every one.

The List:

  1. Jump From a Plane (With a Parachute)
  2. Visit the Republic of Cuba
  3. Sail through the Panama Canal (http://www.strandtravelltd.co.uk/?)
  4. Visit New York City - DONE!
  5. Own a Dog
  6. Snowboard down a mountain - DONE!
  7. Irresponsibly Gamble Money in Las Vegas
  8. Grow a Beard (One day...)
  9. Start a Family
  10. Travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway
  11. Speak Publicly in Front of a Crowd
  12. See Victoria Falls
  13. Catch a Fish (Somehow I've never done this...) - DONE!
  14. Attend a Music Festival
  15. Pay off my Mortgage
  16. Go to Munich Oktoberfest - DONE!
  17. Ride in a Helicopter - DONE!
  18. Learn to Sail again
  19. Work Abroad - DONE!
  20. Learn to Speak a Foreign Language
  21. Break a Bone (accidentally.. I don't intend to become more careless for this either!)
  22. Shoot a Gun (legally of course, M6A1?) - DONE!
  23. Make Someone's Life Significantly Better
  24. Go Off-Roading in a Landrover
  25. Go Interailing Around Europe
  26. Visit a Country that the Foreign & Commonwealth Office advise against
  27. Go Scuba Diving - DONE!
  28. Run the London (or some other) Marathon
  29. Visit Istanbul, Turkey - DONE!
  30. Visit the Red Square, Moscow - DONE!
  31. Complete this list
  32. Visit the Island of Saint Helena