I don't claim to be a train nut, but I certainly do enjoy travelling by rail - a pet project of many years, the below map highlights in green the railway lines which I have travelled on in the UK. Most travel has been for pleasure but some trips have been for work too, a passion that has allowed me to observe the strikingly different cultures and geographies of our country. A particular favourite route is Fort William to Mallaig, famously used in some of the cinematography for Harry Potter, it offers unrivalled scenic views. The line from London Paddington to Penzance is too very special, providing a much needed link to my family in the west country, many hours have been spent travelling back and fourth in varying levels of comfort. The file is unfortunately quite large, so below is only a thumbnail, you can click here for a PDF which can be used to zoom. I'm doing my best to keep it up to date so do keep an eye out for blog post or tweets. 

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